Laser Wellness

OK – OK – OK  How many things can one person be passionate about?

But this is the most amazing device.  Simply put – It works, and fast.

This is Tim 35 years old with Bell’s Palsy.  After the first treatment he felt lots of sensation in the face, which is a sign of the nerves being stimulated and waking up.

Tim trio

The bottom picture is his 12th treatment.  Tim bought his own laser after this treatment

Meet Dakota – a 7 year old mixed breed dog.  She had cancer on her nose removed 2 months before I met her, and this is how big it grew in 2 months time.

She couldn’t breath out of her nose, and she constantly snored, and sneezed.  When she would sneeze she would spray blood all over the floor and walls.  Her sneezes were constant because it was a way of itching away discomfort.  Very sad situation.

This was 22 treatments later.  She had stopped sneezing and could breath normally out of her left nostril.  Her energy improved and we were thrilled with the results.

This was on the 35th treatment.  When looking at her she looks completely normal.  You really have to pick up her face and look close at her nose to see any abnormalities.


This is the 54th treatment.  That WAS cancer.  Her owners continue to give her treatments to keep her cells healthy.

My heart is in helping animals. This is my 27 year old horse.  She was kicked in the leg.  The first night it was as swollen as the dashed line.  It looked like a watermelon.  We lasered it the first night, and the second night it went down to the size on the upper picture.

caseys legs

The third night it looked like this.  She was putting pressure on it and continued to get laser treatments and massage till she was walking on it normally within one week.

Here’s a nice Bulging Vein example.  Only 4 treatments really reduced the swelling.


This is ‘Freedom’ who stuck his jaw into a large gate bolt.

IMG_4413This is the bolt and all his blood going down the post.

IMG_4549This is after the 4th treatment


This is the 7th and last Treatment

IMG_4584The skin looks very healthy and on to a great heal.

This is 2 months later, You can’t even tell there was a wound.  The hair grows back it’s true color.


Please call to have a demonstration or to set up an appointment: 307-431-0386   My intent is to show you how to use the laser and purchase one of your own, for bettering you and your pet’s health.  Ask about my rental plan too!

Any Questions? My email address is: or 307-431-0386

7 thoughts on “Laser Wellness

  1. Judy Yeager says:

    I’m very curious to know all of the healing properties that this device has. And also the cost.

  2. dschondog says:

    I am quite interested in this healing modality. Are you a rep for this equipment? Please tell me more.

    • I am a representative for Southwest Cold Laser. I will email you a letter of some length to explain more. It is such a total health piece of medical grade equipment that we can have in our homes!

  3. Donna k says:

    Please send details on this laser
    I have a dog we have tried so many things on him to stop the iching crying from it, he has to ware a cone collar 24/7 worse at night.
    we don’t want to put him down but we are getting desperate.

  4. Carli Flores says:

    In just a few treatments, my husbands face has movement, sensations and less weeping from his affected eye.

    Bless you Suzi and the treatments. We are both eternally grateful!

  5. Barbara says:

    Hi Suzi. Please email me your information. I am in California and the first I’ve heard about this was from Carli Flores (my sis). Thank you Barbara Hogeland

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