Before the Theraplate

Crippled Foundered 4 Year Old Mare



After 45 Days of Theraplate

She stood on the Theraplate 2 times a day 20 minutes each


Used by Vets, Equine Therapy Centers, Racing Trainers, Dressage, Reiners, Ropers, Cutters, Mounted Shooters, Equine Therapy Practitioners, Hunter/Jumpers, Polo, Show Horses, Barrel Racing, Ropers, 3 Day Eventer’s, Trail Horses, Distance, Driving Horses, and Miniature Horses


  • Active proprietary Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation Technology
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation
  • Injury Prevention – the key is REGULAR CONSISTENT use……
  • Counters Chronic Inflammation Conditions
  • Speeds Healing – On Average Heals in Half the Time
  • You Can Feel the THEraPlate Working in the Horses Whole Body, including all the way up their Back, Neck and Rump
  • Reduces The Major Cause of Most Pain – Natural & Drug Free
  • Powerful Yet Gentle, Will Not Injure or Aggravate Existing Injuries
  • Horses Enjoy the Treatment – Start With Low Speed and Gradually Increase


Every Day, 1-3 Times Per Day, 10-15 Minutes Per Treatment – Quick & Easy 2 Piece Mobile Model is Easy to Take on the road to Shows or Track


At Serenity’s barn.  Also for human use.  We stand on it all the time ourselves.  :)


  • Decreased Down Time
  • Increased Bone Density & Muscle Mass
  • Increased Joint Mobility & Flexibility – In Many Cases Horses No Longer Need Joint Supplements or Injections
  • Faster Healing Through Increased Production of ATP (30 days becomes 15-20 Days)
  • Horses On Stall Rest Can Maintain Muscle and Bone Density Without Risk of Further Injury
  • Horse that are Stalled for Other Reasons Can Get Same Benefits
  • Pre Performance – Warm Up
  • Post Performance -Warm Down
  • Founder
  • Hoof Issues
  • Laminitis
  • OCD
  • Suspensory Issues
  • Under Run Heels
  • Thin Soles
  • Bucked Shins
  • This is not a complete list, give us a call or email if you want to discuss your specific horse issue
  • You can own one too, and we can help you get it delivered to your house!
    • Extremely Effective and Pays for Itself In a Very Short Time
    • Ask us how a machine can become a Profit Center
    • Decreased Vet Bills

Financing Plans Available!! No Down Payment Option for those that Qualify Payments from $174 per month 12 Months, No Interest also available

Call 307-431-0386 or 307-272-8497 for a demonstration


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