Pasacalite ‘the champagne of healing clays’.  Mined right here in our very own Big Horn Mountains.  Pascalite is Calcium Bentonite, a clay with intelligence.  It not only absorbs, it adsorbs.  Pascalite naturally heals;

Acid Reflux

Heart Burn



Bug Bites


Diabetic Wounds (I have applied Pascalite personally on 3 different wounds and have saved 3 feet from being amputated)

Red eyes

Sun Burn

For use as a poultice




Drawing Baths (like Epsom Salt – pulls out toxins)

Pascalite is great for facials and they also make an incredible soap!

Here’s a link to their site:

I also highly recommend reading their book ‘More Precious than Gold’ (click the link to buy on Amazon)

Buy ‘More Precious Than Gold’ from Amazon HERE



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