Finding Your Inner Bliss


Soul soothing and mind-resting, ‘Finding Your Inner Bliss’ is a wonderful compilation of quotes that bring peace and ease to the searching life wanderer. Suzanne Shelhamer has collected the best from the best as classic as Rumi and Jesus, to the current teachers of clarity such as Eckhart Tolle, and Dr. Wayne Dyer.

If your’e going through a life transition, working on sobriety, or needing that perfect quote as your daily mantra, ‘Finding Your Inner Bliss’ is just perfect to spin through the pages and dip to the perfect comforting phrase you needed to hear at just that moment.

‘I actually save and collect quotes’, says Suzanne, ‘They are taped all over my bathroom wall on all different scraps of paper. If a friend or client writes about a current trouble to me, I know the exact quote to turn their day around. These are all my quotes gathered in one place, for you. Enjoy…In Peace, Suzi’.

Suzanne is a Yoga Teacher, Artist, Dog Lover and Holistic Health Coach based in Wyoming, USA. She teaches 12 Step Recovery Courses and Yoga Retreats to those in recovery. Suzanne is married to wonderful supportive husband who together with Suzanne loves the yogic lifestyle and being of service to others, the earth and animals. Visit Suzanne’s website for more information.

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