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As I mentioned below, I wasn’t sure if the blog page would work correctly so I have made a page that I hope will. Please visit: to sign up and FOLLOW my health blog.


Well I’m not sure if this blog page will work right since I turn my WordPress Blogs into web pages, but for a writing exercise I’m going to start a weekly blog.  My website gives a little info on foods and drinks and health gadgets and gizmos that have changed my life and many others.   My hope for the blog is to go a little more in-depth about these things I am passionate about and maybe new things I come across that I want to share.

One subject near and dear to my heart that makes me feel so connected to Divine Spirit, My own body, and incredibly grounded which then equals some sort of interior overall charge to my whole mind, body and spirit is YOGA.  I’ve been doing it for two years now.  At first I felt awkward, no sense of balance or strength.  After just 8 weeks of doing yoga twice a week, I felt so limber, much more balanced, and I amazed MYSELF at the strength I was gaining, and overall well-being it brought.

To Me, yoga is a relaxing exercise if you can imagine such a thing.  It sounds like a contradiction in terms.  The peace you feel after a yoga session is hard to explain, so I encourage you to just go try it for yourself, and give it several times to sink in.


yoga2This is a pose we did tonight called camel.  No way would I have thought I would have been able to do this as easily as I did tonight – 2 years ago.  Such a builder of confidence and self appreciation in our own creation.

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