Commission Prices

8 x 10: $100

7 x 14: $125

11 x 13: $150

12 x 24: $175

16 x 20: $200

Larger sizes prices to be determined at the time of commission.

50% due before commission total due on completion.

Buyer pays for shipping.

When the size of commission is established, we accept good old fashioned checks preferrably over Pay Pal, but Pay Pal is available if you desire.  Please send your check to: 380 US HWY 20 South, Basin, WY 82410

To have your PETure commissioned, please submit several clear images of your pet to

Hints to great pictures of your pets:

  1. Get down on their level.  Above the head shots where they have to look up don’t always make the best portraits.
  2. Have them on a smooth surface, not in the grass or snow so the artist doesn’t have to guess on markings on their feet, etc…

Get several position shots that show the dog from all angles.  Profiles look great in a painting, or a twisting, or running shot for the non-traditional look Suzi strives for.

Great Shot

Great shot – nice angles, good level, not a glamour in the eye shot, not in the grass or snow.

sadie 1

Not so great. Too far above and too straight on.

Also she is laying in the grass.

4 thoughts on “Commission Prices

  1. Gloria Gesselman says:

    Beef and Maverick are my “nephew” dogs. Beautiful Job

    Aunt Gloria

  2. Summer Beach says:

    Hi Suzi
    I LOVE your work! I discovered your art at the Farmacy in Worland. I have several paintings I would like you to do for me. I am so excited. I will get the pictures together and get in touch with you about each. Thank you.

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